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Why kids being kind?

OK so the magazine was a thought that came out of the sky while I was having a bath after a conversation with my daughter, Scarlett.

Scarlett, who is a very grown up 10 year old, always has amazing pearls of wisdom to share, was chatting to me about a situation in her class where someone was apparently being 'mean' to her.

She was most upset.

We chatted about why they might have said the mean words they did, I asked her to consider what might be going on in the other childs head for them to be in an angry emotional state and we came to the conclusion that the child was not being mean, they were just having a bad day and then Scarlett said the magic words -

'If angry children are just misunderstanding their thinking, why do they get punished'

And this is so true!!! It happens everyday.

An emotional child does not mean they need fixing or they are a bad child, it means they are human and need compassion to get through to the other side of whatever emotional state they are in - where normal service will resume once again!

In that moment I started to think about how we could educate young ones to be more compassionate towards one another - to know that there is a bigger picture to life and that another persons actions are coming from their own thinking, their behaviour is not personal and with support and encouragment they could get back to a place of calm and peace and just enjoy life!

And so the idea to create a magazine that could reach a larger number of children around the world was born!

Each month I want to sew little seeds of loving kindness within the minds of our young ones.

I want to encourage and support children to love themselves unconditionally, to love and show understanding toward people in their community and to show love to the planet!

Life happens, we cant get away from it, but living from a place of love and understanding helps us navigate it a little bit easier.

I have HUGE plans to create a wave of kindness which include working in school's, creating community events, hosting parent workshops and lots more, I have post it notes stuck to every wall in my home!

A percentage of profit made from sales of the magazine will be assigned to a pot that I hope to see grow quickly so we can support children struggling in schools and provide funded 121 sessions, I also have lots of exciting fundraising ideas in the pipeline!

I would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved in any way - please email me hello@mamaalchemist.co.uk

With loving kindness,


Founder - Kids Being Kind Magazine


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