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Updated: Mar 25, 2019

So everyday I am blown away by the kindness of children.

Their innocence and sincerity is just heart warming.

I sometimes volunteer at my older children's school and I just love watching the kids interact, its like second nature to care for and be kind to one another.

One of the reasons I wanted to celebrate the kindness of children around the world was the feeling I got inside when I saw it, and I want others to experience this.

It makes me want to be a better person when I see kindness in action, it starts a chain reaction!

It makes you think - what can I do?

So each month in the magazine we will be sharing some real life stories of kindness from our readers.

Kindness means so many things to so many people, for me its being compassionate, loving and understanding.

To others it could be donating to charity, showing good manners, volunteering their time, supporting a friend, saying kind words about someone, treating someone, checking in on someone, recommending someone.

Since starting this project I have been even more conscious of my kindness - because I have four little ones watching me.

I want to lead by example, and even just becoming aware of when I am kind and times when I can show kindness has uplifted me.

Thats the magic of kindness!

So get involved, I am looking for real life kindness crusaders.

Let me know about your stories, when you and your kids are kind, how you felt, what you did - we want to feature as many real life acts of kindness as possible.

You can submit your acts of kindness via the facebook page or email us - hello@mamaalchemist.co.uk


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