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A percentage of sales from the Kids Being Kind Magazine fund a variety of wellbeing initiatives in schools across the UK. 

The Shine Movement:

The Shine Movement bring an evidence based curriculum into schools that supports mental and emotional wellbeing. 

The 16 week program has positively impacted a pupils wellbeing, concentration, decision making, attendance and behaviour in school.

The Kids Being Kind Magazine have a PTA scheme where parents of the pupils can sign up to the magazine subscription and their child's school will benefit from the funding towards the 16 week program.


For more information please contact leanne@kidsbeingkindmagazine.com

My Mental Health Rocks:

A not for profit campaign to bring wellbeing into all schools across the UK.


The campaign plans to host a My Mental Health Rocks workshop, promoting resilience, wellbeing and raising a positive awareness of our innate mental health and wellbeing

The workshops are fun and interactive.

The workshops are fully funded by Kids Being Kind Magazine and other amazing sponsors and supporters.

Launching in September 2019.

Contact hello@mymentalhealthrocks.com if you would like your school to experience a fully funded workshop.