Kids Being Kind Magazine is a monthly subscription for children age 5-10 years.


Created to help encourage children to live life being kind to themselves, to others and to the planet.


Each month we will bring creative activities, real life stories and inspiration to sew seeds of loving kindness in your young ones.


Parents are also fully supported in our Kids Being Kind Facebook Community, where you will find further material to help your child get the most out of the magazine each month.

Understanding yourself and others, while extending kindness and compassion leads to a balanced, calm and less emotionally reactive way of living.

How does it all work?

The Kids Being Kind Magazine is a monthly subscription.


You can sign up to a printed or digital version (because we are kind to the planet!) 


Printed version - £3.75 per month

Digital version - £2.00 per month

Once you sign up an auto payment will be set up and you will be charged each month.

Magazines will be distributed on the 29th of each month, the printed version will be sent via Royal Mail and the digital version will be sent via email.

The magazine is perfect for child age 5-10 years 

You can cancel your subscription at any time.



Kids Being Kind Magazine was founded by mum of four and emotional well being coach - Leanne MacDonald

Leanne works with parents and children struggling with their emotions and mental health.

Having seen an increase in children being diagnosed with anxiety and other mental health disorders she was inspired to create something that would be available to a wider audience worldwide to help support and inspire as many children and parents as possible.

Leanne firmly believes that it is important for a child to live in a loving and compassionate environment so they can thrive, this includes being loving and compassionate to themselves.

Her vision is that she will encourage children to start a wave of loving kindness at home , in school, in their community; Creating an environment where everyone is accepted and supported no matter what.

Leannes also works with The Shine Movement facilitating group sessions in primary and middle schools within the UK, promoting wellbeing, resilience and raising awareness of their innate mental health. 

Also the founder of My Mental Health Rocks, a UK wide campaign., Leanne plans raise funding to host a mental health and wellbeing workshop in all primary and middle schools for more information about the campaign CLICK HERE

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